Our normal training night is a Wednesday evening. We meet at 6:15pm to warm-up before starting our session. The session is usually finished by 7.30 (when many of us shower and retire to the nearest bar for a well earned drink). Each week, our coaches aim to provide a session that is challenging for our more able / experienced runners but also sufficiently flexible to allow our less able / inexperienced members to partake fully in the session.

Although our primary training centre is Garden Village FC (Gorseinon), to provide our club members with a varied set of training sessions we will often take advantage of other locations, including the Swansea University track for winter sessions.


Many of our runners are on Strava. You can see there their latest activities here.

Run Britain

You can see our runners' Run Britain rankings here.

Training Schedule

DateWho?What?Where?Directions to
meeting point
7th FebIan A / PaulTrack sessionUniversity TrackSketty Lane
14th FebBrian / NathanTrack sessionUniversity TrackSketty Lane
21st FebDewi / Ian BTrack sessionUniversity TrackSketty Lane
28th FebPaul / Ian ATrack sessionUniversity TrackSketty Lane
7th MarDewiCooper TestUniversity TrackSketty Lane
14th MarTBCGrand Prix #2 - Track 5kUniversity TrackSketty Lane

Training Locations Map

Training Tips

A regular series of articles from head coach Dewi West.

The Basics

The basic techniques for endurance running:

  • Tall posture with high hips.
  • Relaxed shoulders with efficient backwards driving arm action.
  • Rhythm guides optimal speed and efficiency.
  • Foot lands naturally underneath the centre of mass, moving down and backwards.

Mobility Drills

Mobility exercises stimulate the main muscles we use to run and need to be 'woken up' before any workout.

The hips for example, are not just important for running strength. Increased mobility and therefore strength, could help avoid issues in later life. How many people do you know who have had a hip replacement?

The following mobility exercises will help your running and your lifestyle.

1. Hip flexor reach

2. Spiderman

3. Trunk Rotation

4. Hip Flexor Swings

5. Glute Swings

Cooper Test

The aim of the Cooper test is to run as far as possible in 12 minutes. The distance covered will then give an estimate of your level of fitness. The test is good to monitor the development of your fitness. It is not designed to compare yourself with others. Instead, use it to measure your own progress.

The test is used by coaches to help work out whether training sessions with the athlete are working properly. It can also allow coaches to find weaknesses in their athletes and measure their improvement.

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Julie Archer25002575 2550 2475
Andrew Arran260027502800265026002810 2400  
Cayo Arran2750280028503250    
Mark Bamford29502600295028002720 2900  
David Barham20002150240024002425 2350  
Sarah Barham2300240025202550 2500 2475
Steve Burton2800 2900  
Steve Cable28002925    
Rob Coffey2800280028502825    
Ed Davies265027402725 2800 2725
James Davies25502680 2750  
Julie Davies185019001900185018601700 1900 1900
Mary Davies          2000
Sue Davies215022002300 2400  
David Doherty250024502550 2700 2575
Karen Dunsgate          2150
Louise Eakins245023502450    
Mark Eakins280028502900    
Alfryn Easter1850205019502000210019502050 2050 2025
Lee Edwards305030002900    
Abbey Evans          2425
Eiri Evans2300    
Mark Evans275027702850    
Nigel Evans          2950
Del Eyre2550220023002260    
Jacquie Fagan2600 2850  
Jonah Fage  3275 3175
Nathan Flear315032503460    
Chris Francis315031003210   3275
Anthony Fox2950    
Ffion George2700    
Dan Gilbert2950    
Mark Gosney3050310029503200    
Ross Gribble290029003000    
Brian Griffiths2400    
Laura Hall2200220022002200215022002250 2250 2250
Paul Harris275028002850 2775  
Alyson Heard27002650 2700  
Lynn Holmes195020501950205019502100 2175 2175
Vicky Holmes18502200220023502330 2300 2375
John Holohan210022001950230022702350 2250 2200
Kim Holohan2300235023002400240024202475 2400 2375
Jo Hughes-Dowdle210022002125    
Laura Hughes-Dowdle22002150 2275  
Christine Hurdidge190021002150210021302200 2175 2125
Simon Hurford25502700    
Ceri Isaac30003000305030603200 3250 3275
Charlie James255026002700    
Carwyn Jenkins3000    
Helen Jenkins21502300 2325 2350
Natalie John   2375  
Caroline Jones22002220 2275 2250
Chris Jones2230280026902725 2850  
Aron Jones  3100  
Leighton Jones245024502350250024302525 2550 2450
Meinir Jones1900210022002110 2200  
Nerys Jones2125 2225  
Elfed Joseph245024502530    
Nicola Julian185019901900190020001950 1975 1875
Viv Kavanagh24002550 2575 2575
Saran Lewis        2000 2050
Shereen Lisk240024202500    
Steve Lisk2800 2950  
Michelle Louisi-Thomas          2400
Tim Macdermott          2375
Steve McClelland265025502600270025902700 2700 2600
Paul McNeill          2700
Louise Miskell2650    
Caroline Morgan          2125
Eurig Morgan235023002450245024002450    
Gareth Morgan3200    
Martin Nicholls        2100  
Rick Nugent        2500  
Linda Owens1990215021502300   2250
Gareth Parry3025 3200 3000
Ashley Pascoe3150    
Ross Poiner240027002750 2750 2600
Mike Prasad260027002800280028102850 2750 2775
Mark Probert2460    
Delia Pudney2140   2250
Sally Reid          2225
Linda Rees2200    
Paul Rees27502640    
Sandra Rees18002150235023302300 2375 2300
Claire Reynolds26002550 2675 2675
Diane Ridgeway  2300 2300
John Sanderson2550 2600  
Caroline Sandles270027002650    
Rob Sandles305029003050    
Faye Sharpe2150200022102250 2225 2225
Laura Sharpe265027002675    
Chris Simons280028302950 3025 3000
Christina Smith2600260025902650 2600 2575
Gwen Smith2350210024502400 2375  
Gina Southam2150220022502230 2275 2200
Louise Steer          2375
Alice Sullivan22002350240024502575   2625
Dai Sullivan2500    
Andrew Thomas28502850290029002925    
Chris Timmins2690    
Sharon Trotman23002400245025202525 2525  
Si Vaughan2750    
Carl Vonk          2300
Jane Wallace1800185017201750 1800 1825
Phillip Wallace220020702100    
Linda Waller1950200018602000 2150 2075
Dean Webster30103175   2900
Richard Webster285029002925 2900 2825
Dewi West28502900285029002950    
Geoff White24002550245024502300 2400 2050
Glyn Williams   1950 2025
Lisa Williams2550270026702800 2700